Sonoma County Human Services Achieves Fleet Automation Success

Success Story:  Sonoma County, CA

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Since implementing fleet automation technologies nearly three years ago, the Sonoma County, CA Human Services Department (HSD) has achieved its goals of improving vehicle management and efficiency, and enabled workers to better serve their at-risk clients.

Read about how:

  • Case workers are now able to access motor pool vehicles around the clock
  • Motor pool vehicles are now reserved online, freeing up fleet staff time
  • Fleet policies are now automatically communicated and enforced
  • Fleet metrics are collected, enabling the county to assess utilization and identify underused vehicles
  • Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) expenses are reduced

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“…the motor pool is now hassle-free.”

The transformation of our fleet management and motor pools has significantly improved the efficiency in which we are able to serve our clients. Costs are reduced and we can focus on the important business at hand – serving an at-risk population. We have much more freedom to access vehicles, and using the motor pool is now hassle-free.”

— Sonoma County, CA Human Services Department

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