Handling Driver Objections to Sharing Vehicles 

E-guide:  How to Deal with Driver Objections to Motor Pool

Deal with Objections.jpgLet’s face it: people don’t like change. Despite the fact that there are many great reasons for organizations to pool vehicles, convincing drivers that sharing can actually be an improvement for them can be an uphill battle.

Here are some objections you may hear:

  • "I need a car every day!"
  • "I don’t have time to reserve a car when I need one!"
  • "I need the car after hours!"
  • "We don’t have enough cars as it is!"
  • "Having access to my own car is a perk that I don't want to give up!"

The key to handling these drivers is policy, communication, and education. Complete the form to the right to download this e-guide and learn from the experts how.

“...we haven't looked back.”

The positive feedback from drivers and the bottom-line savings we have realized go beyond expectations.”

— Greater Toronto Airports Authority

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